vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Freqs Of Nature 2013

Freqs of Nature 2013 brought an amazing collaboration between three different art-projects, coming together to create one of the most amazing environments a festival has seen. Topping the sky with amazing lycra deco made by the guys from Free Optics, connecting to the mind-blowing kinetic metal sculpture concieved by french sculptor Patrice Hubert and finishing off with an earthy and natural garden designed by our tribe the concepts melted together perfectly in amazing harmony and atmosphere.

You can find the full photo album here.

One of the hangars that flanked the entrance offered the perfect canvas for a waterfall. Akacia and pine roots told the story of a flowing river and two elven settlements located at the bottom.
A wooden structure was needed to support heavy amounts of a mixture between sand, earth and water that shaped the landscapes of this miniature world.

And a little sneak peek at the miniature lake that never got to meet the eyes of the public :)

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