marți, 4 februarie 2014

Kogaion Portofolio

Kogaion Tribe portofolio is finally out and about. Enjoy the story behind the Gardens. Feel free to contact us for bookings, questions or even just a friendly 'hello'. Cheers! :)

vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

MoDem Festival 2013 - Croatia

In MoDem Festival Mother Nature proved to be 'as hard as a rock', so the gardens were sure to mirror the soul of the mountain that neighboured the crystal clear river flowing right next to it.

Freqs Of Nature 2013

Freqs of Nature 2013 brought an amazing collaboration between three different art-projects, coming together to create one of the most amazing environments a festival has seen. Topping the sky with amazing lycra deco made by the guys from Free Optics, connecting to the mind-blowing kinetic metal sculpture concieved by french sculptor Patrice Hubert and finishing off with an earthy and natural garden designed by our tribe the concepts melted together perfectly in amazing harmony and atmosphere.

You can find the full photo album here.

One of the hangars that flanked the entrance offered the perfect canvas for a waterfall. Akacia and pine roots told the story of a flowing river and two elven settlements located at the bottom.
A wooden structure was needed to support heavy amounts of a mixture between sand, earth and water that shaped the landscapes of this miniature world.

And a little sneak peek at the miniature lake that never got to meet the eyes of the public :)

miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

Kogaion Tribe - summer updates

Hello :D

Today we celebrate 3 weeks on the Freqs Of  Nature festival's campus. Our tribe took the chill-out area as the main project, turning an already beautiful place into an amazing, out of this world playground. Weather has been rough now and then, at times being rainy and cold, at others extremely hot. Nevertheless, preparations are full power, spirits are up and things are looking very good.

Check out this nice article written on-site by one of our friends from the UK, Zoey. You can find the article here. Updates with pictures and full descriptions of our gardens will be coming soon. Stay tuned.


marți, 7 mai 2013

Kogaion Tribe @ S.U.N. Festival 2013 - Hungary

The first edition of S.U.N. Festival welcomes our tribe and offers a very beautiful place for manifestation of our gardens. Take a look at their website here: or find them on facebook here:

"The Sun is the source of life on Earth, the light that inseminated the fertile grounds of mother Earth. From the earliest times mankind celebrated the summer and winter Solstice, the day when Sun stops at the turning point of its orbit to start a new journey on our horizon. The main rituals of every ancient civilisation were held on these special dates from the Maya to the Druids.
During the time of Solipse'99 a group of people started a new dream, a liveable way for mankind to carry on... this dream got stronger in the past years and a community was created with the same vision.

So we decided to come together twice a year to celebrate, to connect each other's inner Suns and our great cosmic father through love, music and dance.

Let's create new expression forms of the psytrance culture - a natural wonderland where there is a big festival once a year and that is an artistic and social place throughout the year."

eleMental & Kogaion Tribe @ Freqs Of Nature 2013

2013 finds our tribe working together with the crew from Freqs Of Nature to create an amazing landscape and beautiful decorations for the festival taking place between 4-9 july near Berlin. Check out their website here for more information.

We will also have a nice 4hour musical set in the chill-out space this year, a collaboration between eleMental & Flawless Spirit. You can find the rest of the line-up here. See you on the playfgrounds!

duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

Fresh new psychill track, this time a story of nymphs and forests, always a good combination. Enjoy :)